Schwarzenegger's Right Hand "Man" Tom Campbell (CFR)
Exposed Years ago by TheMuckraker
"Links to Levi & The Left"
By Anthony Hilder and G. Richard Arnold
 With Harold D. Cranrig

Congressman's Campbell's "Leftist Links" are solid. They "connect" to the upper echelon of the Faustian Financial Fraternities that once funded the Soviet Union and now back up the Extreme Left & the Lavender Lobby. Campbell's
wife Susanne is Executive Director of the Joint Business School Program between Cal Berkeley and St. Petersburg (Leningrad) University in Red Russia. It's partnered by Walter A. Haas' Foundation whose fortune came from the Levi
Strauss Co. that makes Levis. This foundation underwrites a myriad of pro-Marxist and extreme Liberal Left causes.  Note: We urge you to boycott all Levis products - Forever!  Look at their roster. They reward revolutionaries. Log
onto Get the details, they're devastating.

Let's take a look at Tom Campbell's Liberal Leftist Links to the Levi Strauss Co. Their Chairman and CEO, is Robert D. Haas, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as is congressman Tom Campbell. He is also a member of the Trilateral Commission along with Henry Kissinger, Diane Feinstein, Bill Clinton, Senator Rockefeller IV & Secretary of Defense William Cohen who has been "selling out our security" to Communist China along with the other "Counterfeit Conservatives."

Levi Strauss Co. has put "political pressure" on the Boy Scouts in an effort to force them to take in the Gays to serve as Scout Masters to give America's teenage boys "their" personal guidance. The Lavender Links to Levi Strauss &
CO looks like a guest list for a San Francisco bathhouse reunion.

When researching Robert D. Haas we discovered that he is part of the Executive Committee of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission whose "boy" Tom Campbell is a favored son. It's no wonder that the Extreme Left of the
Republican Party is behind him all the way. Tommy is a One Worlder through and through.

One of Haas' Fabian fellows on the Trilateral Commission is Richard N. Gardner  professor of Law at Columbia University. Gardner like Tom Campbell is a coveted member in the cryptic Council on Foreign Relations. Heres what
Gardner has to say about National sovereignty...  To build world government we must do..." an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece." Campbell travels the Fabian way rather than taking the old fashioned frontal assault. His is the back door way to Global government and deliberatel y designed to take down America as a nation. Philosophically, Campbell is a United World Federalist.  Campbell's campaign site quotes him as saying that " California is to America as America is to the World." That translates into the language of Hitler, Marx and Mao.

Tom Campbell is use to making "end runs" around conservative guards. He is a master at it. As a consequence, he is well liked by the ACLU, who rates him with the likes of Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. But then, the ACLU has long been a supporter of CommuNazi causes and Leftist Looneys.

How does Tom Campbell feel about an individual's right to protect one's self, with a firearm should it ever become necessary?  The Second Amendment says we have the right to keep and bear arms. It was expressly written so we could defend ourselves from a dictatorial Hitlerian government if ever need be. And Tom Campbell openly agrees that the second amendment is valid. But, we are told from a reliable source that Campbell wants to see it repealed.  Campbell won't  state it publicly but we doubt he will take a lie detector test on the issue. If the One Worlders had their way all private citizens would be rendered defenseless. The only people that would have guns would be criminals, the army & the police... as it was under Hitler, Castro, and Stalin.

Who supports him? Counterfeit Conservatives like Morton Kondracke, a self described "Beltway Boy" and member of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting Campbell as "the brightest member of Congress" It stands to reason
since Kondracke, belongs to the same club, dedicated the same purpose, World Government.

The documentation to substantiate Tom Campbell's "Links with the Left" is as massive as either of us have seen in our careers as investigative reporters. It is amazing in itself, that anyone so radically left on the political spectrum could run for the US Senate as a Republican and not be discovered as a Pink Elephant by the conservative majority that selects the Party's nominee.

The last two attempts to impose a Rockefeller Republican upon the state of California ended with disastrous results for the Republican Party. To do it on ce again would give proof to any objective observer that the Grand Old Party has become suicidal. Tom Campbell is the CFR's "kamikaze candidate." We believe he will go down in flames if the people wake up in time. But God forbid, if elected he would be an instrument used to bring an end to US sovereignty and the establishment of a New World Order. When we talked to Suhail Khan, Campbell's public relations officer as to
whether Campbell was more like Reagan or Rockefeller... Khan said..."He's more like a Rockefeller Republican I suppose."

Let's review some helpful history about Rockefeller Republicans. Michael Huffington, a Rockefeller Republican candidate for US Senate was a liberal loser like Tommy Campbell as well. Both of "those boys" are members of Rockefe ller's Council on Foreign Relations. After Huffington's defeat while still married to Adrianna, openly declared that he was gay.  As usual the GOP regula rs never knew anything about it and they know even less about Tom Campbell's Leftists Links. But what's new? They're are generally kept in the dark because  his opponents have neither had  "the guts nor gonads" to expose this Counterfeit Conservative and his Commufascist Connections to the CFR.

Let's look at another Rockefeller Republican that came along. His name was Matt Fong, son of a Liberal Democratic State Treasurer Marge Fong Eu. George Schultz brought Fong in so the "The Council " CFR could elect Boxer that was their goal.  But The dumb and dense Republicans still didn't get the message.

The GOP can't win with a Liberal, in competition with another Liberal. When two Leftists face each other, it always leaves the Liberal Republican "left out on a limb and - "left to loose." Matt Fong, the Rockefeller "Republican,"
was forced to return $50,000 that he had gotten from the Chinese Communists and still the dumb and dense Republicans never got the message as to what happened to them. George Pratt Schultz is a "close personal friend of Tom Campbell" according to Kahn.  Schultz, who ran Fong's campaign, labeled Fong as a "moderate" and tried to sell him to the conservatives. They didn't buy it and California got Barbara Boxer.  In the fight game it's called a "set up" The promoter puts up someone who has no charisma no heart, and no chutzpah to do battle against someone they want to win. Fong didn't have a "Chinamans Chance."

George Shultz is a member of the executive committee of the Trilateral Commission, and like Tommy Campbell, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Believe it or not, its the same scenario, happening once again. The same group of Globalists is palming off this "Pink Elephant" as "our" best hope and "their" best bet.

There are other choices in the Republican primary and "any one of them" would be preferable to Tom Campbell. Campbell is dangerous & dedicated to the Cashist Cartel that controls Americas Commerce and Currency. Like John McCain,  he comes directly from the Council on Foreign Relations. These are "controlle d candidates" that represent those who seek Global Government not the people of the United States of America. They must be defeated at all costs if the Republic is to survive.

If Campbell were to win the Republican primary, the America's Illuminatti would be guaranteed to retain control of California.  If the Golden State were a separate country it would be the sixth richest nation in the world For those
who cherish their freedom the defeat of Campbell is crucial. There is not a dollars worth of difference between Campbell and Feinstein. In the "Trilateralist's toss" of a coin (with Diane on one side and Tom on the other) it would
be heads they win... tails we lose. Regardless of how the election went It wouldn't matter to them whether Diane Feinstein, or Tom Campbell, was elected. If Campbell won the primary the race would be rigged, California couldn't win and the Council couldn't lose."

TOM CAMPBELL IS THEIR INSURANCE POLICY." Tom's their "back up boy" as was Huffington and Fong!


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