by Anthony J. Hilder and G. Richard Arnold

Researched by Harold C. Cranrig


Casper "One World" Weinberger has been used by the American Illuminatti for decades to destroy the defense of our Nation. Itís more than just coincidence that he was appointee by a member of the United World Federalist to become our Secretary of Defense. He is now and always has been a Pink Elephant whoís been sold by the Money Mafiaí "Managed Media" as "Mainstream and Moderate." There is no question that Weinberger is a Trojan Horse. The Conservatives dropped their Drawbridge and rolled him into their castle because he had the blessings of the President.


We know that Cap Weinberger is a Wendell Wilkie "One Worlder" whose red roots are Republican but just how far Left is Cap Weinberger? In his early days one of the most radically red publications on the West Coast praised the up and coming politico. Their article "Young Man on the Make" called him a liberal in the ranks of Republicans. In much the same way Tom Campbell is being sold as a "liberal-Moderate" When a Marxist media calls a man a "liberal" one thing is for sure "he ainít Right".


From the get go Cap Weinberger, a Pink Elephant was soft peddling the promotion of World Government in promoting World Government. Today, like Bill clinton, Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright and David Rockefeller, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations whose it agenda is to install a World Government on the ashes of American sovereignty. He is what some people call a "Clinton Conservative." A even the lowest politico on the ladder knows just how conservative and just how Republican Bill and Hilary are. .


Letís take a look at Weinbergerís "Conservative Connections" he served under George Bush and President Reagan. so thatís conservative credentials right? Wrong. George Bush paved the way for the recognition of Communist China and the exclusion of Free China from the United Nations. But then, you remember that Alger Hiss, a Communist Spy and traitor to the United States, He was their first secretary General at the UNís organizations Conference in 1945. Or had you forgotten that he and a gaggle of other Globalists from the council on foreign Relations much of which is from the Soviet Constitution. Oh! Did we forget? Both Cap Weinberger and Alger Hiss were key operatives at Council on Foreign Relations.


But why bring up Weinberger now? Heís not running for president. George Skull & Bones Bush Jr. is trying to fill his fatherís shoes just as he occupied the same coffin as he said the initiation rites and was born again into the satanic order in the tomb at Yale University. Wow! These guys must be really out there on a limb talking about a man that is running for the presidency. Surely we must be off the wall . There is no such thing as the " skull & Bones" at Yale where the senior initiates of their Faustian Fraternity, surrounded by fifteen brethren cloaked in black robes and using remains in their rituals, bring their pledge into their Brotherhood of Death. No you say? Weíll bet on it. Check out the September 1977 issue of Esquire Magazine. If you are tough enough to handle the lurid details read Dr. Antony Suttonís Americaís Secret Establishment.


We know that Weinberger was head of the Department of Defense and that George Bush was head of the CIA. But whatís the CIA, Department of Defense Connection have to do with anything. Weíll get to that in a minute. But first letís take a look at another Weinberger "Conservative Connection" George Pratt Shultz . Shultz was former president of the Council on Foreign Relations. Shultz was President of Bechtel. George Pratt Shultz, president of Bechtel, brought in Casper Weinberger as General Counsel, and vice president. Naturally, Stephen Bechtel is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) too. The building that houses the Council on Foreign Relations is known as the Pratt House. The Shultz family donated the building to the cause of World Government.


Oh, Did we forget in all of these connections that Bechtel is a private corporation which also known in inner circles to be a branch of "THE COMPANY." That is the CIA folks. The same Central Intelligence Agency, once headed by George Bushí that has a license to kill. That is the same agency that is involved in the trafficking of heroin and cocaine. It is the same agency that has been accused of corporate espionage, and contract murders. The CIA is the enforcement arm of the Council on Foreign Relations. Donít you believe it? Believe it!


Here is the truth. The OSS which was run under Col "Wild" Bill Donovan during the second World War dissolved into the Central Intelligence Agency. From 1945 to 1953 it saw Walter Bedell Smith in charge, from 53 to 61 it was Allen Dulles, from 61 to 63 it was John A. McCone, from 63 to 69 Richard Helms was in charge and 69 to 77 James R. Schlesinger Wm Colby and George Bush headed the agency ... from 77 to 81 it was Stansfield Turner from 77 to 81 it was Wm Casey & Wm Webster, from 89 to 93 Robert Gates was at the helm and 1993 to the present we have seen James Woolsey, John Deutch who allowed our secrets to be compromised to the Red Chinese and then thereís Anthony Lake. All are or were members of the Council on Foreign Relations at 58 East 68th Street, in New York City where David Rockefeller rules the roost.


For those of us donít know that the United Nations is located on land that was given to it by Rockefeller family to serve as a seat for World government. There plan , to rule the world. Oh No! Not the Rockefellers. Nelson Rockefeller was appointed Vice President by Gerald Ford, a Rockefeller Republican who endorsed another Rockefeller Republican Brooks Firestone. George Pratt Shultz, former head of Bechtel, associated with "the Company" is a close friend to Tom Campbell another Rockefeller Republican and member of the Council on Foreign Relations. If you donít think this is club by and for the billionaire banksters you better think again. We can prove it



Allen Dulles, former head of the CIAís "COMPANY" joined with Harvey S. Firestone, Jr. to call for a "world Government ... with necessary powers, and adequate international police forces and provisions for enforcing its worldwide economic authority." It is not taught in History or political science courses at Cal Berkeley, SCSB, or your local school but the reason that Castro Communists captured Cuba can be put into two words: 1) Allen, 2) Dulles. It was Dulles who denied arms to the recognized government, Dulles held back armored cars for nine months and then "deliberately" did not deliver the 15 training planes that the Cuban government had. March 14th 1958 John foster Dulles suspended the delivery of 2000, Garand rifles already paid for by Cuba. But the Allen the CFR/CIA chief told the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee that it really wasnít necessary to deliver the goods saying ..."we do not think that Castro himself has any Communist leanings. We do not believe is in the pay or working for the Communists." That is the type of "rock solid truth" one gets from the councilís Cartel. But then if your in to believing the Dulles, the Firestones, the Campbells, the Castros and the Communists youíre bound to buy anything the socialists have to sell.


The Firestone, Dulles crowd, all Orwellian Rockefeller operatives said .."a New Order of economic life is both imminent and imperative." They said this was sure to come "through volluntary cooperation within the framework of Democracy or through explosive political revolution." sounds like the soviet Revolution of 1917 ... that installed Lenin , Stalin & Trosky doesnít it. Another "moderate" in their group, Dr. William Paton, co-secretary the World Council of Churches, which is affiliated with the pro-Communist National Council of Churches, said, "Collectivism is coming whether we like it or not ..."


Remember, this was in 1942 after "their boys" had backed both Hitler and Stalin. Letís not forget that on August 23, 1939, Molitoff-Ribbentrop Communazi Peace Pack was signed joining the two socialist powers in an alliance that would trigger World War II .But ten that was the whole point wasnít it ... they, the Council on Foreign crowd, One World crowd couldnít bring about World government without creating World War.




Today, Rockefeller Republicans like Tom Campbell from the Council on Foreign Relations, whoís running for US Senate in California believes "That California is to America what America is to the World." It sounds like a page torn out of Mein Kamp. Dan Smoot, once an assistant to the FBI director said, " ... the Council on Foreign Relations.. (is the) ... "control center of the invisible government which intends to make the United States a dependent province in a one-world socialist system."


Why are the Rockefeller Republicans, The Moderates, as labeled Managed Media and their affiliated pink propaganda papers so adamant about killing off any conservative control. Surely they donít pose a threat to the oligarchy. Most of the Republican "mainstream" hasnít the foggiest notion who controls the National Republican Party. Or who selects the establishmentís candidates from the Council on Foreign Relations.


The Conservatives in the Party have no conception whatsoever that the Democratics are controlled by the same "globalist gang." And that the "fight" is as phony as the New world Orders wrestling match. You donít think so? Think again. George Bush, Jr. is the CFR/CFR Daddyís boy George Bush, Jr. is following in his fatherís Fabian footsteps having stepped straight out of the coffin at the tomb at Yale University and into the governorship of Texas. John McCain his so called competition is ... you guessed it ... a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Could you see George Bush appointing Senator McCain, whose backing comes primarily from the Liberal Democrats as his vice-presidential running mate if he gets the nomination? Or it could be the other away around.


Now lets look at the Democrats, as if there is any substantial difference. Senator Bill Bradley .. Yes, you guessed it, a member of the Council on foreign Relations who is opposing Al Gore, Jr son of the ultra Leftist Senator Al Gore, Sr. who was employed Dr. Arnand Hammer who was a friend of Lenin and supporter of the Communist revolution. And according to the Venona papers was a Soviet Spy. Gore is vice President member of the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and the Council on foreign relations. Do you have any idea what weíre talking about? We are saying that the whole damn election is rigged. Oh, and what is Al Goreís middle name ....ah let me think. Would you believe "Armand. He was named by his father Dr. Julius Hammer, one of the founders of the Communist Party USA. The Arm & Hammer name was a spin off from the Soviet Hammer and Sickle whose primary feature was the "arm" and "hammer."


Old man Hammer did hard time in Sing Sing for practicing Margaret Sanger abortions. That probably accounts for todays Planned Parenthood backing of Tom Campbell, and Christine Todd Whitman. Both members of the Council on Foreign Relations New World Order Crowd. But the moneyed men who control the media call this Cashist Couple "moderates".


Remember when you were a kid in kindergarden and you were sitting there with crayola in your hand and the teacher put before you a piece of paper with a bunch of dots?. Sure you were only five years old but it wasnít so tough .. WAS IT? You started connection one with the other. And Bingo! An Image animal appeared. "Wow" you said, " Arenítít I smart." So why arenít the Conservatives capable of a connecting the Liberal lines to get the - BIG PICTURE. What happens when they start putting the pieces of the puzzle together? What image do we see? When you start connecting the DOTS it comes up "DUMBO." Why itís the GOPís NEW MASCOT specifically designed for those who VOTE MODERATE.


"Hey! What ever happened to One World Weinberger ... the way you guy would never get back to him ... you were talking about the New World Order, Hitler, Rockefeller, Stalin, the Republican, & the Democrats and how there wasnít a dimes worth difference between the two and the same people control THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW. dOES


Does "Caps Crusade" against Christian Conservative broadcasters have anything to do with the Moderates march to a New World Order? They do all seem to be goose-stepping towards Global Government. Whatís a matter your ears? Donít you here the snare drums sports fans? It isnít half -time. The drums you hear arenít coming from the field ... its the last quarter Dumbos and the Fabians have rehearsed this play for a century. Next year it will be the New Millennium and the are going for the Goal and Gold. The trophy is your country. Theyíre talking that "What California is to America America is to the world" stuff.


Hell, everybody knows they been cheating but thatís part of the game isnít it? Sure, theyíve bought off the refs, you otta to know that by now if nothing else. Maybe, You might even know they are playing Fabian football with Rockefeller rules. But what should worry you more than anything else before the "forth coming selection" is that the announcers giving us the score and the guys putting up the numbers on the board are all part of the Trilateral team. "Oh No" you say, "Are you telling us the GOPís game is fixed? Surely you josh." Nothing could be further from the truth. McCain, Bush and the boys are as pure as the "driven snow." Its serious folks, were talking about "dem guys" snorting "nose candy". youíve heard enough about that.


What about that crusade against Conservatives and Christians you were talking about? There is no Roman coliseum ... "Are you guys trying to say we are going to be fed to the lions of some junk like that? Come on Get a Life! Next year will be the twenty first century."


You do know that Casper One World Weinberger joined with Skull and Bones, member Archibald MacLeish, Dory Schary, (ADL) (UWF), and Socialist Michael Harrington in threatening to take "Conservative and Christians" broadcasters licenses away donít you? But of course you do. And you do know they formed the National Citizens Committee for Broadcasting to do just that. But of course, that is old news. "Tell us something new, Gary "


Well did you know that Leonard Finder was a founder of the Anti Defamation League (ADL) considered by many also to be an arm of the British and Israeli intelligence communities. And that Dore Schary, who worked with Weinberger of the United World Federalists, later became head of the ADL. Weinberger joined with Leonard Finder and Leonard Firestone, in founding the California Republican Council. Which is a leader of the Leftist wing of the Republican Party. Firestone was Chairman for Rockefeller for President. "There you guys go again saying these "kind old men" from the "billionaire Banks" are out to own the World. Give me a break!"


Almost everybodyís heard someone talk about Big Brotherment but have you ever heard about ESCHOLON? Thatís the system they have up which monitors what you say on the phone or on the web. If God forbid you use words or phrases like food storage, Christian, survival, self defense, new world order, guns, conspiracy they might start monitoring your site.You donít have to be Silicon Valley Scientist to suspect that Weinbergerís TV Tech show is a front for something funny going on.


We know that the Global Government hackers hit and hammer websites that promote liberty and sovereignty for nations of the Free World. Our ( is hit regularly. We were listing the number of their visits on a weekly basis until some hired Hitlerian hacker knocked out the list about December 19th, of last year. Take a visit to the IGOR section of and see what we mean.


It is obvious that Orwellian Oligarchy that oversees the world wide web as been spiking stories. They want to impose a tyrannical tax on its traffic for the United Nations. Freedom oriented web sites like ours that expose their evilarchy are constantly under attack. Many informed individuals have concluded that Weinberger's TV tech show is said be front to collect data to spike the freedom of the Internet and to tax it. Weinberger, remember, said he couldn't be tough on the Communists because of Salt I and Salt II. At the time, Salt I had expired and Salt II had never been ratified.


Julia Packard of the (David) Packard Foundation, according to the Canadian owned Santa Cruz Sentinel, had Rockefeller fashion her Trilateralist father fortune ... for the good of mankind. ... A world government in which they control.


It is not necessary to inform politicos ... that Bechtel ... a "private company" ... known also as a branch of the ..."company."" It is where John A. McCone, Richard Helms came from and William Casey even had some business there.


According to the NY Times June 3, 1954, Bechtel vice-president, C. Stribing Snodgrass, ran a firm called LSD Associates, a CIA operation. Stephen Bechtel was a partner of J.P. Morgan Co. ......









Michael Harrington was on the national executive committee of the Socialist party otherwise he'd be just another mainstream Republican, he was an editor of the Catholic Worker, joined Norman Thomas and Rev William Sloane Coffin (Skull and Bones in the Voter's Pledge Campaign. Harrington was also chairman of the board of the League for Industrial Democracy. The kind of guy Firestone and Weinberger get along with.


Archibald MacLeish is a Skull and Bones member who put together the United Nations UNESCO. And that is what this is all about ... a world government built on the ashes of American sovereignty. MacLeish like Coffin led and monitored the Left from the Communist to the so called Republican Mainstream.


MacLeish helped put together the precursor of the OSS. The connections between intelligence and politics and the involvement of the Brotherhood of Death (Skull & Bones) are easy enough to find. MacLeish belonged to all kinds of "subversive" and "Communist" organizations. In December 4th, 1956 MacLeish gave the eulogy for Laurence Duggan who was a Soviet spy for ten years. Duggan like MacLeish also worked on the United Nations.


MacLeish campaigned for Rhodes Scholar Wm Fulbright who was Clinton's mentor.


See "Venona" Yale University Press by Harvey Klehr & John Earl Haynes 1999


Recorded on page 102 of "Here's the Rest of Him" by Kent Steffgen ... when Reagan brought ... " Weinberger into the campaign, Reagan had undone five years of painstaking conservative organizational work."


Today, like a bad movie sequel ... we have Firestone the younger together with former Democratic State Senator Mello's aide (Vic Marani) running "errands." Catholic? Vic Marani is working with Planned Parenthood in clearing out Republicans who are not welcoming ... The New World Order.


McPherson's other aide Mr. Berger came from John McCain's staff. Mc Cain together with Rhodes Scholar Bill Bradley are busy trying to defund the Republican Party.


These fanatic worshipers of the United Nations and World government are desperate to get Americans to buy their "globaloney" and give up the checks and balances that our Constitution provide the only protection Americans have against tyranny.



We donít expect very many to remember the when Casper Weinberger was secretary of Defense but for 99 percent who donít remember or never knew or could care less ... the salt I and salt II treaties prevented the United States from protecting itself against attacks from the Marxists in Moscow. Casper Weinberger had a chance to circumvent the "Treasonous Treaties" Salt I had expired and Salt II had never been ratified. Nonetheless One World Weinberger sided with the Soviets and decided to keep US in harms way. On page 102 , of Kent Steffgen Hereís the Rest of Him, Kent noted, that " Ronald Reagan brought Weinberger into the campaign that Reagan had undone five years of painstaking organizational work."


According to Metro Santa Cruz December 15-22, page 13, The California Republican Council founded by Weinberger, Finder and Firestone want "mainstream" moderates as elected officials. There goal is to call for the imposition of the United Nations Agenda 21 in Santa Cruz . It is called sustainable development or Regional Futures Network by the Marxists in Monterey. And Rockefeller Republican State Senator Bruce McPherson is working overtime to make the GOP "receptive" to the United Nation's Agenda.


Two of Mc Pherson's staff members ... Linda Horning and Michael Warren are trustees along with Democratic congressman Sam Farr's staffer Donna Blitzer.


Their project comes directly from the Brudtland Commission named for the vice-chair of the World Socialist Party. The term "sustainable development" comes from page 43 of "Our Common Future."


What does all this mean? Why are these guys writing about people I donít know or never heard of you ask. Weíll make it clear for you. If you are a newcomer on the block, weíll explain it by the numbers.


1)there is a group of men with money, big money, billionaires with power and influence

2) this group tat some call the Illuminati, operate under a variety of Orwellian organizations like the Council on foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission, and the royal Institute of International affairs. Who are 3) trying to establish a one world government , where all nations as you know them like our would be eliminated and 4) This group has a radical religious agenda (we wonít scar you with that right now) and 5) This group in order to maintain power over the people so they can plunder the planet opps ...did we forget Yes we did 6) this group plans to take over the world ... you know like own it .. Run it 7) This globalist Group wants to own you and your kids and tell you what to do and how to do it 8) this group already owns and controls the funny money you use. Yup! Through the privately owned Federal Reserve. And 9) And the Feds Class stock and makes that money you use. They lend it back to you at face value plus interest . Is this getting to deep for you? Well, thatís enuff for now except to say the people we are talking about are key players in the game of international chess. The likelihood if you are not an IGOR who is reading this ... that you are an expendable pawn in their game.


Well, what happens if I just ignore this stuff and go back to watching news , weather, and sports. Letís say I forget about the whole damn thing? We really donít think you want to hear this but what the Hell. Youíre this far along weíll tell you this much. It is our opinion that they intend to kill, incarcerate, you and your kids. AHí you say "Thatís it! These guys are crazy they are talking conspiracy and all that." Yes thatís true. Just ask any of the players in the Councilís crown we talk about or read any of their magazines and they will tell you this is a figment of their imagination. They got Rush singing that song, just t turn into CBS, NBC, CNN and they well tell you just like Allen Dulles did and Tom Campbell and the CFR Clones do - that we are full of crap. They will tell you that nothing is going on, Right?


But there is a chance slim as it might be that you made it through the mire of this message and having reached the end of the story, have determined that it is only the beginning and that thereís much more to tell. You may even want to send us a check of of a Thousand Dollars or at least a $50 or so, so we can carry on the fight for a Free World. But whatís that?" you ask, "Why would I want to sent money to those guys? I donít know what their agenda is." We suggest you find out by logging into for the rest of the story.



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