The Fascism of
Brooks Firestone
A Monster Behind the Mask

By Anthony J. Hilder and G. Richard Arnold
Documentation supplied by Harold D. Cranrig

Fascism is by its very nature totalitarian. Those who seek absolute power over the people find the ability to control all and own all under a Communazi State. At the same time Fascists are professing to be the benefactors of the people, whose lives they manipulate ... from womb to tomb, they rape, rob, pillage and plunder the planet. Benito Mussolini, who began his political career as a hardcore Communist, found that under Fascism, which gave the "illusion of freedom," he could achieve with Adolf Hitler, the political mechanism that would allow National Socialism to march forward toward a European Union and a New World Order.

Today, Fascism has a different face, which presents a "kinder and gentler way" to achieve the very same objective ... World Government. Marxists now wear the masks of the "Moderates." But the monsters behind them are the same. They have same support today as they did in yesteryear ... by the "Money Mafia's" managed media. From Manhattan to California's Monterey Bay the ugly head of Fascism is surfacing under the banners of "Moderation," "Mainstream"and "Compassionate Conservatism."

Santa Cruz's "Socialist" Sentinel editorial page is now calling Republicans to review their role as "Constitutional Conservatives" and move even more towards the leftist "controlled center." It is there, in the center of the illusionary political spectrum that the "Corporate Socialists," who control America's commerce and currency, its propaganda press and its "puppetized politicians," that they seek a SOCIETAL SYNTHESIS that is commonly referred to as POLITICALLY CORRECT.

Reading between the lines of an editorial in Santa Cruz's Sentinel, (which is an arm of the Wall Street Journal), they advocate that California's Conservatives abandon their traditional values and follow the likes of Neo Fascists like Brooks Firestone, Tom Campbell, and Bruce McPherson. Like Circe who beckoned passing sailors in the night, to follow her song and lure their ships onto the rocks, where they perished the Sentinel's "Socialist song" is calling for the Republican "rank and file" to abandon their reason and follow the "Clinton Conservatives" into the jaws of defeat.

Let's take a closer look at Brooks Firestones radical record. It clearly shows an ideology alien to that of the conservative majority.
Number one ... he openly opposed the "English for Children Initiative" ... which would keep California's kids, all of them regardless of their ethnic background taught in the language of this country.
Secondly, he is openly in opposition to our Second Amendment rights without which, all other rights would have long since been extinguished by the hands of today's political pariahs. The Communist Party has long sought to do what Brooks Firestone is now doing. Its the old salami method, a slice at a time. It is the step by step process wherein they label any effective or inexpensive firearm that could be used to protect the people from a Hitlerian government or other criminal elements is sliced away, day by day, week after week, until nothing is left of The Constitution - but confetti. This technique of gradualism has been used by the Fabian Socialists for a full century. Their logo, not surprisingly is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is imperative to the "Counterfeit Conservative Crowd" that they hide their true nature from the electorate, else they might be hung and quartered like Benito Mussolini and his girl friend in the streets of Rome.

The Greenies, like watermelons are RED inside and are in lockstep, doing the goose step, with Firestone's Clinton Conservatives. Brooks is in opposition to reforming the Endangered Species Act ... which gives dictatorial control to a Bolshevik-like bureaucracy. Hitler would have loved his position on state funded abortions. When someone's daughter gets ..."knocked up" without the parents knowledge and seeks their abortionists knife from New Hitlers ... to "cut out the kid" ... he opposes "the law" that would first require parental consent.

The fact is on almost every issue that would give the government greater control Firestone, Tom Campbell, Bruce McPherson and their Commufascis crowd follow "the party line" ...which the "Socialist" Sentinel labels "sensible." As one would expect Firestone also opposes a ban on partial birth abortion. If alive, Dr Josef Mengele and his crew in the Concentration Camps would be applauding Brooks stance on this life and death issue. "The operation was a success Doctor ... the child died."

For the homosexual community to grow it requires "friends" like Firestone. Obviously, they do not bred ... they must recruit to replace those who have died from aids in the playground of society. The must become teachers, scout masters, and must have the legal right to adopt. In Firestone, the "Log Cabin Lads" have found a friend. It is not surprising that the Faustian Financial Fraternity and their "propaganda press" are espousing Firestone's Fascistic Values and asking "the conservatives" to abandon theirs. How else could Hitler's dream of a New World Order be built over the ashes of America's sovereignty. Sixty years ago Rudoff Hess cried Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuherer. Today, The Moderates cry out One People, One Leader, ONE WORLD. As the nation is drawn into the cesspool of Socialism, the sounds of the snare drums are heard in the distance.

Financial Fascism or Cashism, as we call it, is nothing new amongst the Firestone family and their friends. John Foster Dulles, once chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation and incorporator of the Council on Foreign Relations, home of the "moderates" in the Republican Party said ... "Communism and FASCISM (is) changing almost overnight, the entire characteristics, of entire peoples. Millions of individuals have been made into different and on the whole, finer people ... personal prides (are) replaced by self sacrifice and discipline." This is real Commufascist stuff ... the kind of conversation that one heard from the members of Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations just prior to the CommuNazi Peace Pact of Aug 23 , 1939, when Hitler and Stalin joined in an alliance just one week prior to their invasion of Poland and the creation of World War II.

Dulles, Firestone's friend, went on to say there is a ..."conscious subordination of self to the end that some great objective maybe furthered." That objective, is of course the NEW WORLD ORDER. Hitler's second book The World Order called for a a United Europe. The European Union is Hitler's dream come true. And now, with the Neo Nazi Agenda 21 being pushed by the Pink Elephants in "ze party" we see the Fascism of Firestone is on the rise, once again!

If one doubts the authenticity of Dulles's statement, they need only to reference Religion and Life Vol. 6 Page 197. It was Harvey S. Firestone who joined with Dulles and the officialdom of the Federal Council of Churches, now known as the National Council of Churches. In March 1942 in what is called "The American Malvern" meeting, which they drafted plans for a Fascistic future under the auspices of the United Nations whose charter was put together by Alger Hiss, a Communist spy and its first Secretary General in the organizational conference 1945. Firestone's friend Dulles appointed Hiss. And you will love this. Dulles insisted that ... "the United States should take immediate steps leading toward abridgment of its own sovereignty." And that was one of his more "moderate" statements.

Let's take a look at what Firestone, Dulles, and their fellows in the Fascistic Fraternity came up with for the National Council of Churches "post war" agenda. 1) a "world Government of delegated powers". 2) Complete abandonment of U.S. nationalism. 3) immediate limitation on national sovereignty 4) a universal currency 5) a democratically controlled bank (IMF) to make development capital available (paid for by us to the benefit of the international Bankster's) 6) essentially an end to borders.

If the place where you bring your family to worship is a member of the National Council of Churches, (NCC) which is now headed by a Trilateralist, ANDREW YOUNG ... Don't forget to make your contribution to the New World Order by putting plenty in the plate. Sending your money to the National Republican Committee or any of the Pink Elephants on parade might be a good idea too if you believe in the Firestone Fundamentals of Fascism.

It is abundantly clear that the Fascistic Philosophy of the Milners, Rockefellers and Rhodes, and of Hitler, Marx, Mussolini and Mao has been passed on the to the their underlings in "Their Order." They have learned their lesson from Hegel who taught them to infiltrate their opposition and co-op their organizations. This is so clearly evidenced in the Republican Party, whose National organization is under the absolute control of David Rockefeller and his Council on Foreign Relations operatives such as Henry Kissinger, Bill Bradley, Charles Schumer, Newt Gingrich, Katherine Graham, Dan Rather, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Strobe Talbott, John Shalikashvili, Madeleine K. Albright and yes, Bill Clinton. If you think for a millisecond this isn't all true and these guys are not working from the same team with the same objectives, while appearing to be in opposition to each other in the presidential elections ... THINK AGAIN. That's what Hegelian politics is all about. It is the control of both major parties to bring about the desired objective - WORLD GOVERNMENT.

The ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union, who has long been a supporter of the "CommuNazi causes" lists such "Clinton Conservatives" like Firestone's friend Tom Campbell as having an even more favorable voting record to "their line of leftist logic" than Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. If you want more Chuck Schumers, Tom Lantos', Tom Haydens, Barney Franks in state and national offices you don't have to vote for Democrats in the next election. You'll find them in the long parade of Pink Elephants in the Republican Party.

It was the MODERATES in the Republican Party, back in 1964 that sent Barry Goldwater to defeat, not the Democrats. Leonard Firestone, Brook's daddy fought furiously against the mainstream conservative coalition that nominated the Arizona Republican to be the Presidential standard bearer for the Party. The Republican "moderates" elected Lyndon Baines Johnson and it is they who elected Bill Clinton. But were George Bush and Bob Dole to have been elected ... it would not have made any discernible difference. Different singers ... but the same song. Their Agenda is the same. Their method of achieving their New World Order is simply more "MODERATE."

Today we have a Leftist Democratic Executive and a Republican Congress that has been castrated by the Pink Elephants in the Party. When it comes down to the key issues concerning the life and death of American Sovereignty ... the "Clinton Conservatives" will give us "The SHAFTA" through NAFTA, GATT, the IMF the World Bank, the World Trade Organization or and other cockamamie creation that the Cashists concoct. There needs to be an exorcism and an enema in the Republican Party to clear out their bowels and their brains.

Leonard Firestone in 1964 was saying the exact opposite ... "the only chance for the survival and future prosperity" ... of the GOP was to support Nelson Rockefeller, the man who intended to establish World Government and whose oil company furnished Adolf Hitler's U-boats with the diesel fuel to sink our ships during World War II.

Leonard, chairman of Rockefeller for President led the parade of Pink Elephants in the 60's that castigated and crippled the conservative candidates thus insuring the election of Lyndon Johnson and Trilateralist Jimmy Carter.

This is but one of many articles appearing on ... ... that will come your way exposing the connections the Pink Elephants, and the propaganda press.

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P.S. Expect the "Clinton Conservatives" when stuck, to will squeal like "pigs" ... to the pinstriped suits who own the propaganda press. They will cry foul. Hear them! Listen to their liberal lyrics. and their sad, sad song. This is all documented. There is much, much more to come.

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