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GaryResult of collaboration by G. Richard Arnold & Anthony J. Hilder
Anthony J Hilder
Posted: Feb 22nd, 2008 themuckraker.net
It was Lenin’s Birthday, now called Earth Day, when Herr Reno’s Raiders struck again. The time was 5:15 A.M. in the morning at Elian Gonzalez’s Miami family home. Elian’s legal representatives were huddled together around a speaker phone. They were discussing the custody arrangements. They were in the middle of negotiations with Aaron Podhurst, the alter ego of the ”Wicked Witch of Waco.” When the attack came most of the family was fast asleep.
It was then that the Attorney General’s HitlerianSwat Squad” broke open the family’s door with a battering ram. They were betrayed, as were all Americans when on December 7th, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. While Janet Reno talked of peace, she declared war.  There was no knock & no warrant. Reno’s thugs entered the home with machine-guns drawn.  They were aimed toward the innocent unarmed family and friends.
The government terrorists wore flack jackets. Some wore black masks, NAZI-like helmets, and hob nailed boots. Just like the Gestapo, they came, but far “better” prepared to kill, capture and control than their counter parts 60 years ago.  The similarities between the Gestapo, the SS and the KGB of yesteryear are strikingly parallel. The arrogant “Alphabet Agencies” under Clinton’s command today, operate like Hitler’s henchmen under “the color of law.”
Alan Bullock observed the parallels between the two dictatorships in his book “Hitler and Stalin.“  “Hitler’s observance of ‘legality’ had always been combined with the threat of violence … the threat was realized in the “symbiosis of legality and terror” that was to become the hallmark of the Third Reich.
On Easter Eve, one of the government’s “Gestapo Gang” drew his gun on an unarmed five-year-old child. The women within the Gonzalez’s Miami household were horrified. They were reminded of the “terror tactics” imposed by Fidel Castro and his “goon squads back in Communist Cuba.” What was to be their night of nightmares made both Janet Reno & Bill Clinton,happy”. The Clinton’swere pleased with the results.”
Reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s outbursts of righteous indignation, Bullock quotes the Fuhrer’s stinging statement, “There will be no mercy now. Anyone who stands in our way will be cut down.”  Bullock observed, that Hitler’s tirade“ provided the  “legal” warrant for the device of “protective custody” used by the Gestapo to “imprison without trial.” As it was in Nazi Germany so it is in the United States as we near the 21st Century.
Donato Dalrymple, the brave Italian who saved little Elian from drowning in the Atlantic, and Elian’s Floridian family, who housed, loved and protected him found themselves facing the black guns of a fascist government. They got a  taste of what the New World Order is all about. The Washington Post, The New York Times and the rest of the Money Monarchy “Managed Media” are proceeding with the “character assassination” of the freedom loving family. Least we forget, it should be noted that it was the NY Times that praised Castro as the George Washington of Cuba. Least we forget, Castro has murdered over 50,000 Cubans. That’s why they are risking their lives and taking to the sea to get away.
The Communazi “hit squad” came to “bag the kid.” Marisleysis Gonzalez’s, Elian’s loving surrogate Miami mother, showed the world on the Fox TV News network how Clinton’s INS agents assaulted their humble home and family. They, “came in to stick him in a bag” … she said, “they put a gun in his face.” But Janet Reno said the government terrorist who’s gun was pointed toward Elian and his rescuer, “did not have his finger on the trigger.” Who is she trying to fool but the fools. She’d get an argument from eyewitnesses who said, “The government goon squad “was threatening to blow us away.” That means pulling the trigger… Janet. Or is that too difficult for you to understand.
Months earlier the Cuban Communists campaigned to make little Elian “an issue.” And with the help of Clinton they have. Castro has openly stated the Elian was “a child of the state.” “As it was under Adolf, so it is under Fidel and Reno. The use of terror to impose tyranny lives on.
On the eve of Easter, celebrating Christ’s rise  … the CommuFacists plotted and schemed, determined to see freedom fall. Joe Lockhart, Clinton’s “mouthpiece”, praised Janet Reno, saying the Attorney General  “did a fine job.” The Gestapo was far more civil in their arrest of the Jews in Nazi Germany than Clinton counterparts have been in this country.
The President in a press conference said, “I’m very pleased with the way she (Reno) handled it. I support the decisions that were made.”  Outside of the Miami home, signs comparing Hitler & Castro with the Clinton/ Gore were prevalent. Some posters depicted Janet Reno’s Waco horror. Even former House Leader Newt Gingrich said, “This is just like Waco. The administration knew there were no guns in the house.”
Mancow, Chicago’s top talk jock, in an interview with FOX News, called Clinton the “Kidnap President.” Mancow said,  “This pervert of ours (Bill Clinton) is a megalomaniac. He is another Adolf Hitler.” In a poll taken in the NY Post they listed the most hated individuals of the 20th Century. Clinton came in second behind Hitler. Clinton was even more despised than Josef Stalin. Not surprisingly Bill’s wife, Hitlerly was listed number sixth in “the most hated” category.
Donato Dalrymple, the freedom-loving fisherman, who rescued Elian on Thanksgiving day from an almost certain deep water death in the Atlantic, described the Hitlarian Horror that morning. Donato said that Clinton’s wrecking crew used  foul language. They were vile, yelling, “get down or we’ll shoot.” It all stands to reason when one thinks of it.  Janet Reno not only looks like Heinrich Himmler in drag, she acts like him too. It would appear that a New Hitlerian Dictatorship has risen from the Third Reich. 
The Executive Orders, which Clinton may well be using now, gives the president “dictatorial powers”. Clinton’s Cronies are ignoring court orders. There is a bill HR2655 introduced by Congressman Ron Paul entitled the Separation of Powers Restoration Act which restores Constitutional law, but is meeting heavy resistance from the Clintonistas and the Pink Elephants in the Republican Party whose goal it is to establish a “One World Government.”
The pressure is on according to Kendell Coffey, an attorney for Elian’s Miami Family to get the child to embrace Communism and Castro. He said, “They’re already trying to get him (Elian) to repudiate his request for political asylum.” To do that the child must be scientifically brainwashed. At press time Elian had been brought to the Aspen Institute at Wye Plantation Compound in Maryland for a “mental adjustment.” The hundred of acres of heavily guarded property, secured with listening devices and searchlights, protects Aspen’s “secret brain bending projects” from the eyes of the public.
Gregory Craig, Clinton’s (impeachment) attorney, is now acting on behalf of Castro. According to KSFO’s Michael Savage, Craig was the attorney for Hinkley, the “would be assassin” of Ronald Reagan. Quoting Charley Reese in the Orlando Sentinel … “Gregory Craig, the high-priced lawyer who suddenly materialized to represent Juan Gonzalez, who couldn’t afford two seconds of Craig’s time, is part of a law firm that also represents Archer Daniel Midland. Craig is ostensibly being paid by the National Council of Churches. Reese reminds us that, “Last October, Andrew Young, an ADM board member and member of the Public Policy Committee, was installed as the President of the National Council of Churches. 
Archer Daniels Midland is headed up by Dwane Andreas a Trilateralist, Bilderberger, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Andreas is a prime mover, with Clinton, Castro, Gore, Gorbachev and Bush in the efforts to establish a Hitlerian New World Order. It is a team effort for totalitarianism.  In the fall of 1995, Andreas met with Fidel Castro for a cozy dinner with Castro in New York City. Andreas announced he was going to Cuba to see his Fascist Friend in the Fatherland.
Last January the Cuban Government announced that it is moving toward a joint venture type relationship with Dwane Andreas, ADM’s Trilateralist leader. Gregory Craig is a hired hand of the New Hitlerians. Craig was worried that the truth would get out if pictures of the terrorist attack on the Gonzalez’s home were given to the mass media.
Reminiscent of Nazi Germany when Joseph Goebbel s controlled the “media spin,” the Clinton, Castro, “Craig Coalition” is working hard to suppress all criticism. They’re using the Council on Foreign Relations  “propaganda polls” to make it appear that the nation is in support of this Neo-Fascism and the terror tactics.  According to Dr. John Coleman, one of the worlds leading experts on how public opinion is manipulated, they are creating the “illusion of support” for the establishment elite by the mass media.
In his book The Committee of 300, Coleman states, “It is the job of polling companies to mold and shape public opinion in a way that suits the conspirators. Polls are constantly being taken by CBS-NBC-ABC, the New York Times, and Washington Post and are fed into computers at the Yankelovich, Skelley, White and Gallup Polls for comparative evaluation. WHAT WE SEE IS WHAT THE POLLSTERS THINK WE SHOULD SEE.” The first polling released by the Mass Media said that Americans were supporting Reno’s by a ratio of 50 to 1. This was the “biggest lie” since Joseph Goebbels said that Adolf Hitler was a “right winger.”
Janet Reno, Clinton’s  “Black Widow Spider,” who has been spinning this story, has been caught in her own web. The entire Neo-Nazi Nest of Conspirators is being exposed to the light of day. Elian, like a butterfly, has been snagged and dragged into the nest of spiders where his brain is being devoured. Aspen has links to British intelligence, TMI, The Tavistock Institute and the Club of Rome. Aspen’s Wye Compound, is a highly sophisticated Frankenstein-like laboratory for mind control. You can expect Elian to walk out as a Stepford Child saying exactly what they want him to say. Sen. Jesse Helms stated “Private organizations such as … the Aspen Institutedisseminate and coordinate plans for this so-called New World Order. Elian has literally been delivered into the “lap of the Devil.”
As for the Aspen Institute, Eustace Mullin’s book The World Order on page 191, reveals  ... “the personnel of the foundations are required to under go indoctrination at one or more of these Tavistock Institutions. A network of secret groups, the Mont Pelerin Society, Trilateral Commission (Bush & Clinton are members), Ditchley Foundation, and Club of Rome is a conduit for instructions to the Tavistock  network.”    Mullins says that Tavistock has “ developed the mass brain-washing techniques that were first used experimentally on American prisoners of war in Korea.”
Little Elian doesn’t stand a chance. While, the Pink Elephants like, Bush, Lott and Hastert wring their hands and pee in their pants. Elian’s brain is being bent and twisted to accommodate Clinton, Castro and the ruthless Ms. Reno. Mullin,’s referring to the Aspen Institute, says, … “it’s experiments in crowd control methods have been widely used on the American public, a surreptitious but never the less outrageous assault on human freedom by modifying individual behavior through topical psychology.” The Nazis and Communists developed these techniques but Tavistock and Aspen have perfected them. On page 192, of Mullin’s book The World Order it reads “ a single common denominator identifies the Tavistock strategy – the use of drugs.” Mullins says, they have … “ developed such power in the U.S. that no one achieves prominence in any field unless he has been trained in behavioral science at Tavistock or one of its subsidiaries.” i.e. Aspen! It should be a piece of cake to turn Elian inside out and have him speaking “their party line.”
The use of “State Sanctioned Terrorism and trashing the Constitution is nothing new for Janet Reno. The Butcher of Waco “forgot” to serve David Koresh or any of his Christian congregation a warrant. But “Dictators don’t need no god Damn Warrants!” Reno’s assassination team at the church in Texas opened fire on the innocent men, women and children. According to dozens of weapon and forensic experts, they torched the church and burnt the children alive.
Frank Calzon, a Latin lawyer, said over the Fox Network,  “I think the administration has accepted Castro’s Blackmail.” We don’t. All evidence points to the fact that Castro & Clinton are “on the same team”. Dick Morris, the president’s former advisor said, “I think the president has lost his mind to do this.” When Clinton’s Gestapoized goon squad struck, they screamed, “We’re going to shoot.” They knocked a woman to the ground and threw the cameramen to the floor. The six-year-old child terrified yelled, “Help me! Help me!”
Pat Buchanan, Reform Party candidate, talked of the police state tactics, saying, “I was stunned. The issue is police state tactics against a loving family in Miami. Where is the Republican Party?  It is as if George Bush has been in hiding.” Rush Limbaugh slammed the GOP too, “The failure of the Republicans in Congress to do anything on behalf of Elian Gonzalez, tells me they haven’t earned our money. They don’t deserve it. Until they do, I’m doing nothing to help them.”
Bob Smith, the Republican Senator from New Hampshire was asked by San Francisco talk show host  Mike Savage, if the Republicans were going to do anything about this massive abuse of power. Smith answered, “if  they had cajones they would. But don’t hold your breath Michael.”
Governor Jeb Bush of Florida, like his brother, has said absolutely nothing of substance and gave no measurable support to the Cuban families fighting for their freedom. Do Castro, Clinton and Bush have a “Common Cause” that doesn’t meet the eye?
 It was October 12th 1979 that Fidel Castro said, “We aspire to A New World Order.” George Bush repeatedly has called for “A New world Order.Richard Nixon of the Council on Foreign Relations, on February 25th 1972 toasted Chou En-lai in Peking China, called for a New World Order. Bill Clinton, like Castro & Adolf Hitler  have called for a New World OrderNelson Rockefeller, whose family funds this Neo Fascism and supplied the German U boats with fuel during the WWII, called for a Hitlarian New World Order in his speech delivered on July 25th 1968.
Now here’s the kicker.  It was the Houghton Brothers James and Amory, who donated the hundreds of acres, known as THE WYE PLANTATION in Maryland to the British Crown’s Aspen Institute where Elian is being held prisoner.  For those who aren’t convinced that Aspen’s “Experimental Laboratory” at the Wye Compound where Elian is held incommunicado is biased and carrying out Castro’s commands read this! It was James & Amory Houghton who donated the Wye Plantation for Aspen’s Frankensteinian Experiments.
We are asking you to do some research. Who helped pay promote Fidel Castro’s 1979 speech that called for a Hitlerian New World Order that was published verbatim in the New York Times. It was run as an advertisment. Who paid for it? We know that Averill Harriman was a contributor to the Communist Cause and a major financier of Adolf Hitler through Brown Brothers Harriman. Averill was a full fledged member of the Faustian Financial Fraternity known as the Skull and Bones, as was his business partner Senator Prescott Bush. Were they involved in bringing Communism to Cuba and Castro to power?
If you don’t think that Castro doesn’t have Juan Miguel Gonzalez by the gonads. Think again. Juan, like a monkey, is on a very short choker chain. Juan’s parents have been placed by Fidel Castro in one of Cuba’s Communist Compounds for “their own good,” according to the Washington Times. To make absolutely sure that total “mental control” over Juan Miguel is maintained, a plan … “was devised whereby only Clintonistas and veteran Castroites would ‘stand in’ as DGI auxiliaries.” The DGI is to Castro what the Gestapo was to Adolf Hitler and the KGB was to Stalin. The DGI is Castro’s Secret Police and intelligence gathering network.
According to the New American magazine, Gregory Craig, the Clinton/Castro counsel, “was dispatched to Havana to work things out and accompany Juan Miguel to the United States. Also on the team was ‘Reverend’ Joan Brown Campbell, former General secretary of the National of Churches, who has been one of Castro’s most devoted apologists.” This is understandable considering the policies of the NCC and the Communist Party USA are nearly identical. Don’t forget to contribute at Church this Sunday, if you want to support the “Communist Cause”!
Not only is the NCC an instrument for Communism, it advocates a World Government. Its head, Rev. Andrew Young, is a formal member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. And most telling of all Young is on the board of directors of Archer Daniels Midland who is cutting deals with Castro. If you think the brave young man who stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square had a bad day think what Elian is facing in the hands of these Hitlers.
When is America going to wake up to the fact that the leading so called Christian organization that supports reunification of Elian with Castro is vehemently pro-Communist. In 1927 congressman Arthur M. Free introduced a resolution describing the Federal (now National) Council of Churches as a “communist organization.” What is it going to take to get the message across that they are Marxists.
John D. Rockefeller donated enough money to this “communist organization” to represent about 10% of their annual income. In 1942 the Federal (now National) Council of Churches issued a platform calling for …” a world government, international control of all armies and navies, etc. etc. “ Ironically, their call for a One World Government was during World War Two … when Adolf Hitler’s National Socialists were fighting for the same thing. Hitler’s second book, the one after Mein Kampf was entitled The World Order.
 This freeworldalliance team of reporters is calling for the financial boycott of both the Republican and Democratic National Committees as well as the National Council of Churches. This time, we agree with Rush. Don’t send them the (GOP) a damn dime. Instead double your donations and redirect then to men like Pat Buchanan, and Miami’s Mayor Joe Corollo, who has been, since the onset of the Elian atrocities one of the real heroes in this Orwellian nightmare.
Mayor Joe Corollo was nearly in tears when he talked about the President’s terrorist attack. “They came in gassing people,” Corollo said. “This is not Nazi Germany.”  The Mayor is half wrong and half right. It is a Nazi America! The fact is our Nation is becoming a Nazi Police State, championed by Bill Clinton and run by the Fourth Reich of the Rich. The Evilarchy that is running the show seeks to install A New World Order built upon the ashes of America’s freedoms. As people wake up they are beginning to see that Clinton is Hitler, without the moustache and wearing a smile!
“We no longer have a silent majority but rather a majority that has been silenced.” Says KSFO’s radio host Mike Savage. Meanwhile Al Gore who has vacillated back and forth seeking voter support in Florida; murmured, “ I ask all Americans to obey the rule of law.” Obviously he is not talking about himself or Clinton, who like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao considered themselves “above the law.”
The rule of law” was what Hitler used when he demanded that the German people turn over the Jews to “the proper authorities.”  Just as Hitler’s SS and Gestapo seized innocent children at the gunpoint, to be shipped off to “the camps” surrounded by searchlights, and police, Clinton, in the Elian case is following the same Nazi-like procedure.
The “Clinton’s Palace Guard” callously took young Elian from the man who saved his life - then gave him to the murderous men who would enslave him and “mangle his mind.” Clinton, Craig and Castro’s crew are making sure that little Elian is being hidden from the people and the press. In stark contrast, Elian’s Free Cuban family had nothing to hide. They made sure that Elian was made available to both the people and the press.
In Leonard Peikoff’s book The Ominous Parallels: The end of Freedom in America , compares America in 1982 with Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. On its dust jacket Ayn Rand writes “ America is moving toward the establishment of a Nazi type dictatorship in the not-too-distant future.” That was eighteen years ago. The reign of terror has begun. Will our people rise to rescue our Republic from this nest of neo-nazis or surrender their guns and sent their children off to reeducation centers & then march willingly to the death camps?  Will the future be as Orwell concluded marked by a jackboot being stamped into the human face forever?

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