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The Lies Around Lott Read or Download the PDF Version of this Article
Part I Conspiratorial Moves

By Gary Richard Arnold

Posted: Feb 22nd, 2008 themuckraker.net

“The country might be a better place if Strom Thurmond had been elected President”

1948 Election
. Henry A. Wallace … Progressive Party
. Harry Truman … Democrat Party
. Thomas Dewey … Republican Party
. Strom Thurmond … States Rights Party

Table of Contents

... 1934 Butler Affair
attempts to police the America people with 500,000 Fascist agents supporting an American dictatorship of the Council on Foreign Relations.
…120 Broadway emanates totalitarian governments globally including both the Red Revolution of 1917 in Russia and the NAZI take over of Germany have roots to this evil address.  
… De-facto Dictatorship of President Roosevelt … president for life … fourth term til death
… George Bush (Skull & Bones) replicates the formula of the “insiders” Butler Affair creating a domestic Fascist force of 500,000 agents in the Homeland Security Act authored by Warren Rudman (CFR) and Gary Hart (CFR).
attempt to replace Senator Lott with Senator William Frist protégé of Jay Rockefeller (CFR) (Trilateral Commission)
Knocking off Lott  …….   Review the historical facts and examine the past and present players.
Definitions by former Senator Barry Goldwater are helpful.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American branch of a society which organized in England … (and) … believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established.”
The Trilateral Commission  (T) is international … (and) … is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.” With No Apologies Goldwater

Facts about 1948 election:
Henry A. Wallace was running on in the Progressive Party his main platform was that of a closer alliance with the Soviet Union. Wallace was a close friend of Communist spy Lawrence Duggan who transferred piles of documents to the Soviets. Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America Haynes & Klehr.
Wallace was a New Ager. He had written a series of letters to a Russian mystic named Nicholas Roerich. Henry A. Wallace was working for a …“new world order” that would emerge when the people of light … triumphed …” Wallace signed his letters “G” for Galahad, the name given Wallace by Roerich.
Wallace … awaited “the breaking of the New Day” when the people of “Northern Shambhalla” would create an era of peace and plenty.” In 1945 as Truman’s Secretary of Commerce, ex-vice President Henry Wallace invited Anatoly Gorsky for breakfast. Gorsky was the Chief of Soviet Intelligence in Washington. And like Jimmy Carter, Henry Wallace asked for Soviet help to promote the Pro-Soviet Liberals in the U.S. (The haunted Wood Weinstein)
Encyclopedia Americana writes this about  Wallace …  Wallace “then became editor of the liberal weekly, the New Republic, whose circulation more than doubled before he left it in 1947. In 1948 Wallace became presidential candidate of the Progressive Party, a newly organized third party with a pro-Soviet platform …”
Early in the year of 1948 Wallace defended the Soviet seizure of Czechoslovakia. Henry A Wallace White & Maze.
Certainly Strom Thurmond was the better choice.   
1944 Insider Knew Roosevelt Would Not Live Out His Term
Roosevelt and the people around him knew that Roosevelt would probable not live out his fourth term …
So whoever was picked as vice president was likely to be the next president.
Concerning the vice-president  … “Roosevelt said to clear the choice with Sidney.” That was Sidney Hillman. Sidney Hillman with the CIO had been active in the Russian Revolution and was a life long promoter of Communist causes in America. That is a story in itself. But Sidney Hillman chose Harry Truman.
Columnist Victor Riesel reported that Hillman was keeping Ike as a possible Presidential nominee. Hillman invited Eisenhower to speak at the Atlantic City CIO convention in 1946. 1948 was not a good year to promote Ike because Ike had just granted the Communist government of Poland a “Chair of Polish studies” at the school where Ike was president … Columbia. The Elephant that Brays, Gary Allen, 1971.
In the Truth About Truman Patrick Hoar Western islands 1984,  we find “Senator, Harry once urged us to support Hitler against Stalin. And visa versa” Not that bad an idea to let the two dictators expend their energies on each other. But today’s left is still in “love” with the Communists. It is Communism that is being enforced on America today.
Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the banking establishment overthrowing the people.”
It was Truman who had Membership In the KKK
“To Middle America, of course Truman seemed preferable to the screwball Henry Wallace. But now and again embarrassing rumors crept out about Truman’s onetime membership in the Ku Klux Klan. A witness reported he and Harry had joined the Klan on the same day, and boasted that he has been the man who introduced his fellow Klansman Truman to Tom Pendergast. It was not an uncorroborated report. Late in the [1944] campaign, the Hearst newspapers carried a charge that Truman had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan … (Beyond the New Deal Harry S. Truman and American Liberalism Alonzo L. Hamby NY ColumbaUniversity1973.
But says Hamby, “the senator’s swift and convincing denial doubtless carried weight with most liberals,”
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) controlled papers let “Liberals” off the hook with such former Klansmen as (Truman,) longtime Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, and the previous Senate Minority Leader, Robert Byrd.
Lott expressed … the1948 fact that Strom Thurmond may have been the best candidate. 87 percent of Mississippi votes went to Thurmond. That was when Trent Lott was seven years old! Thurmond’s votes have been mostly pro-American and anti- New World Order.
The Council on Foreign Relations press of today is still angry at the South because it wouldn’t go for Roosevelt or (CFR . Bilderberger) Thomas Dewey. Four states went to Thurmond.
It was a  Klansman who introduced Truman to Pendergast.  Pendergast was the Al Capone of the mid West. Truman even after the news was out Truman attended Pendergast’s funeral a la godfather. After all Pendergast put Truman in the Senate in the 1934 election. It was known as the  “Bloody Election”…  it involved a hundred thousand felonies, two hundred assaults, and four murders.
After elected, Truman tried to stop the federal investigation of the crimes by taking the floor of the Senate and complaining. U.S. District Judge Albert Reeves called Truman’s tirade on the Senate floor … “the speech of a man nominated by ghost votes, elected with ghost votes and whose speech was probably written by ghost writers.”
In the book Give ‘Em Hell Harry Truman, Truman is quoted as claiming “Stalin is as near like Tom Pendergast as any man I know.”
Once Truman became president Truman, pardoned fifteen of the Pendergast people who hade been in prison for the vote fraud. On the wall of the Tom Pendergast’ son, Jim Pendergast   is a signed portrait of Harry Truman … it reads “To James Pendergast Friend, Comrade, and Advisor.” The Truman Scandals  by Jules Abels Chicago Regnery 1956.
It was Truman who fired General MacArthur because MacArthur wanted to win the war. Destroying the Communist is not part of the plan … the plan is to use the Communists to corral other nations into regional alliances. These threatened alliances are designed to morph into sections or segments of a New World Order.
In December of 1946 before being sworn in, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin was invited to lunch with Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal.
McCarthy writes, “Before meeting Jim Forrestal, I thought we were losing to international communism because of incompetence and stupidity on the part of our planners. I mentioned that to Forrestal. I shall forever remember his answer. He said, “McCarthy, consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If they were merely stupid they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.”  Seek the book: The Strange Death of James Forrestal
Strom Thurmond was preferable to KKK member Harry Truman, who coddled crime families, tricked Americans into building a European Federal Union by sustaining Communists as a motivating force.   
1948 Republican Candidate Thomas E. Dewey (CFR/ Bilderberger)

The other candidate running …  was Republican Thomas E. Dewey (Council on Foreign Relations)(Bilderberger). Dewey had run in 1944 and had lost to Roosevelt and in the subsequent campaign four years later in 1948 Dewey mimicked Roosevelt’s policies and ran against his own party.
Even though in 1946 the Republicans won both houses, Dewey was campaigning for the Roosevelt’s “Big Government Programs”.  Dewey refused to “endorse tax-cutting, deregulating of wage and price controls and antistatist record” of the Republican congress.
The Amerasia case broke in 1945. It identified a vast underground Communist network. Even J. Edgar Hoover appeared before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. On every continent the American elite in and out of government were instrumental in giving the communists a helping hand.

Communism is not the people trying to overthrow the Banking Establishment … but Communism is the Banking establishment enslaving the people …
The entrenched Council on Foreign Relations quelled the questions surfacing throughout America about the obvious communist support.  The CFR monopolized the nominations of all political parties. They promoted their own member … Thomas E. Dewey (CFR) as the Republican Nominee. So that no matter which party won they didn’t lose.  
In 1944 General Douglas MacArthur was being drafted by people in the Republican party who thought three terms for Roosevelt were too much.
The CFR was able to eliminate MacArthur’s opposition in 1944 in the Wisconsin primary. Dewey won overwhelmingly in that state, but Dewey was buried by Roosevelt voters in the general election.

In 1947 George Kennan (Council on foreign Relations CFR) released a set of plans to guide foreign policy.  The plan was “co-existence with Communism”.
During these years the reds enslaved 1.8 billion people and killed over a hundred million. George H. W. Bush (CFR Skull & Bones) (41) gave George Kennan the Medal of Freedom.   Bush (41), at A&M University May 12, 1989 said: “We seek the integration of the Soviet Union into the community of nations … into the world order.”                              
See “All in the Family” at web site Themuckraker.net
1948 Strom Thurmond ran on a state rights platform on a third party against the “American Dictator for Life Franklin Roosevelt.  
Roosevelt had four unrelenting terms in office of continual centralization of power in Washington. Had the packing of the Supreme Court succeeded it might have been the end of the Republic.   
Yet one American had the guts to call for a return of States Rights.     Strom Thurmond.
He should be honored not shunned.
That very footnote in history infuriates and threatens the New World Order crowd.
The very idea that Thurmond might knock over their proverbial table at this crucial time caused the “conspirators” decades of anguish and real fear of the South. The 1940’s were crucial because:
The Council on Foreign Relations called for a European Union that would fit perfectly into a worldwide New World Order. These plans were launched by the Truman administration. Both the Marshall Plan and NATO began under Truman.  George Marshall’s (Council on Foreign Relations CFR) career was immortalized in a book that should be in the personal library of even the casual history buff by Senator Joseph McCarthy titled America’s Retreat from Victory.

The “conspirators were embarking on three major plans that were to morph decades down the line into their New World Order.

1) The United Nations set up in 1945 with its first acting head Alger Hiss (CFR) caught spying for the Soviets. The UN is to be the framework of the New World Order. Rockefeller donated the land for the UN building. David Rockefeller has been a director, president or honorary president of the CFR for 50 years.

2) The Marshall Plan passed under the guise of being anti- Communist at the very time the CFR operatives were supporting the Communists. The “Insiders” needed the “threat” as an excuse to continue to tax and herd the American people. The Marshall Plan selectively funded European players who would cooperate with creating a “United Europe.” Their agents were quickly promoted in a Europe devastated by war. Joseph Retinger and Paul-Henri Spaak prime minister of Belgian were “associates of Averell Harriman (CFR)(Skull & Bones), David Rockefeller (CRR) (T) and funded by John J. McCloy (CFR) who was U.S. High Commissioner to Germany. The London Telegram September 2000, reported that hard evidence shows that OSS/CIA head William J. Donovan funded and directed the European federalist movement. The ACUE American Committee for a United Europe was created 1948. The ACUE Chairman was William Donovan, the vice chairman Allen Dulles, a founder of the Council on Foreign Relations. The board included Walter Bedell Smith (CFR). All three headed at one time or another the American CIA.

3) The U.S. covertly supported the Soviet Union … so that the weakened European nations, for their very survival, joined NATO. NATO was the inchoate form for the European Union. American troops have been in Germany to this day to prevent an “outbreak of nationalism.” This was under the guise of fighting communism which the U.S. kept alive under the table.  NATO is expanding today under President George Bush (43) (Skull & Bones) under the guise of fighting terrorism.

 It is an Orwellian perpetual war against terrorism for “world peace.”
The first American ambassador to NATO was William H. Draper Jr. (CFR) during this time, his son William H. Draper III was inducted into the Skull & Bones. Skull & Bones … “ was organized in 1832 in Connecticut as a branch of a German secret society and has maintained its occult traditions … where secret oaths and bizarre customs are accepted as normal.” (They use coffins and human remains in their satanic rituals.) Many Bonesmen have joined the Council on Foreign Relations. They are part of the small clique that controls that organization.” Brotherhood of Darkness, Monteith, Hearthstone Publishing.
Since William Draper Jr was the first ambassador to NATO in 1945 … without exception every ambassador since … has been a member of the CFR.
These three plans mentioned above have synthesized into a regional working part of the New World Order. A New World Order Army is to be headquartered in Brussels. The Euro-Pentagon will be able to launch an army anywhere in the world. The Frenchman chairing the project is Michel Barnier.

In the Official publication of the CFR Foreign Affairs 1926, Eduard Benes writes …[a European collective security agreement] represents an attempt to arrive at the same end by stages, … by treaties and local regional pacts which are permeated with the spirit of the Geneva Protocol, … these (are) to be constantly supplemented , until at last … within the frame work of the [League of Nations/United Nations], they are absorbed by one great world convention (The New World Order) guaranteeing world security and peace by enforcing of the rule of law in inter-state life.”
The Butler Affair … The Insiders Attempt to have a 500,000 man fascist force

The success of Hitler and Mussolini caused Wall Street to want to imitate. They initiated the Butler affair. Sovietologist Dr. Antony Sutton in his book Wall Street and FDR says ...the Wall Street plot was not to dispose of President Roosevelt at all, but to kick him upstairs and install an assistant President with absolute powers.”

A half a million domestic troops were to be privately financed and put under the control of General Hugh S. Johnson. Johnson later laid down wage and price controls, as administrator of the National Recovery Administration. General Johnson was also Bernard Baruch’s protégé. Baruch was a virtual dictator of industry during WWI as chairman of the War Industries Board.
John W. McCormack, Chairman of a Special Committee on Un-American Activities, February 15, 1935 reported to the American people …
“In the last few week of the congressional committee’s official life it received evidence showing that certain persons had made an attempt to establish a fascist organization in this country. There is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned, and might have been placed in execution when and if the financial backers deemed it expedient … This committee received evidence from Maj.Gen. Smedley D. Butler (retired), twice decorated by the congress of the United States … your committee was able to verify all the pertinent statements made by General Butler …”

According to plotter Gerald MacGuire the original meeting was held at 120 Broadway. This was the address FDR had for his Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, Inc.  This was also the address of Bernard Baruch and his protégé Hugh Johnson the would-be co-president in charge of the fascist forces.
The Federal Reserve system of NY first had used that same address at 120 Broadway. Henry Luce’s (Skull & Bones) Time magazine whitewashed the Butler expose … going so far as to alter photos. NY Times the (paper of record) omitted the Butler testimony and performed other tricks to mislead historians. See Wall Street and FDR Sutton

Hugh Johnson had his goal of a One World Order for at least three decades. According to the Journals of David E. Lilienthal (CFR), volume 2 …  Bernard Baruch’s protégé, General Hugh “Ironpants” Johnson… thought the best timber available for the Republican Presidency in 1940 was Wendell Wilkie.  Wilkie was an international Democrat until the year he ran.  Wilkie wrote the book One World promoting the New World Order. Of course he too became a member of the secret Council on Foreign Relations.
After Wilkie’s loss to FDR, Wilkie became FDR’s hired gopher and was sent on international errands.

Money mogul Baruch financed Woodrow Wilson’s 1912 campaign. Wilson established the Federal Reserve. Its address was 120 Broadway the same address where the 500,000 armed fascists plot was hatched.
President Woodrow Wilson created laws to protect his sponsors. He brought the income tax to the American people while protecting the fortunes of Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller through a system of tax exempt foundations. Wilson accomplished direct election of U.S. Senators. The state legislators could no longer appoint the U.S. Senators to represent the states … so the power of the states was wrenched away to the Federal government. The Senators are no longer loyal to their respective States but to the lobbyists. The lobbyists, today are not solely American but more than likely the multi-national advertisers in the CFR magazine Foreign Affairs. The “conspiracy” hates states rights.
Something Strom Thurmond wanted to revive.
President George Bush (43) Skull & Bones will have in fact more than a half-million domestic troops under him and his CFR Politburo’s control under the new “Homeland Security Act.”

This Security Act was written years before the Twin Towers attack. The Co-Chairmen were CFR Warren Rudman and CFR Gary Hart and on the committee was the President of the CFR Leslie Gelb.
George W. Bush’s (41) (Skull & Bones) grandfather was U.S. Senator Prescott Sheldon Bush (Skull & Bones). Prescott Bush was a business partner with Averill Harriman (Skull &Bones). The business Brown Brothers, Harriman & Co. had four partners who were Skull & Bones members. Their business address was 120 Broadway.

The present maneuver is to move Republican Senator Trent Lott aside. He was a “deal maker.” American’s loss sometimes and won sometimes. But the insiders want a Machiavellian under the guidance of Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller.  At this “dawn of the New World Order” the “conspiracy” wants a more acceptable “player.” The “secret plan” is to induce Senator Don Nickles to be the first Republican to pile on with the Democrats to get the momentum. Nickles for the wrong reason challenges Trent Lott jeopardizing the Republican majority.
The well-financed compromise candidate will be Senator William Frist. Don Nickles was faked into the move. He should read Stasi by John O. Koehler, Westview. Remember, the CFR operatives are laced with CIA connections. The CFR and CIA have the same DNA.

Before William Frist was Senator, he was appointed to chair the task force on Medicaid by Democrat Governor Ned McWherter in 1992. His father started HCA the leading owner of hospitals and has owned stock worth close to a billion dollars. The HCA board of directors has a number of CFR members such as Thomas S. Murphy (CFR), Harold T. Shapiro (CFR), and Martin Feldstein (CFR)(Trilateral Commission) (Bilderberger). Also T. Michael Long of Brown Brothers, Harriman and Frederick W. Glick of the CIAfront” … the Bechtel Group are directors.
William Frist cast his first Republican Primary vote in 1994.

Jay RockefellerSen. Bill First

Senator Jay Rockefeller is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a Trilateralist.

Facts indicate that Stom Thurmond … compared to any of the candidates for the 1948 presidency was clearly the best candidate for all Americans black and white for that year.

Research by G. Richard Arnold

End of Part I               The Lies Around Lott

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